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25th & 26th April will be appointment only. Give us a call on 1300 330 227 and have your own private viewing and wet test.

What you need to know about buying a spa so you can make an informed decision as all spas are not the same. So while you are here download the 5-Must haves When buying a Spa. 

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Join our Aussie Spas 2U team in store with a unique tour through the amazing features and functionalities of the best spas in Australia. Compare our standard features which other companies call optional extras.

Our team take an unmatched approach to understanding our customers needs and pairing them with the perfect spa, with the best quality and value!

There’s nothing like a complete touch and feel experience to truly understand the benefits of purchasing a top rated spa. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing any spa without first experiencing the full range of available benefits.

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