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About Aussie Spas 2U

Karen & Tony

The Perfect Spa For The Right Need & Price.

When Karen and I started Aussie Spas 2U, we had ONE goal: to fit a spa to every single client within their budget.

Unlike other spa wholesalers and retailers, we consult and guide you through the process so you find the spa that best serves and satisfies your individual needs.

Whether that is for health benefits or pure relaxation and enjoyment – we’ll show you how to cut costs at every step without compromising quality or safety.

Based on our experience, the best results for YOU are achieved by forming a team throughout the selection process, and combined with Aussie Spas 2U after-sales service and follow up, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Life For Karen And Myself Before Aussie Spas 2 U

Karen and I have been in the import/export logistics for over 40 years combined. Karen has been in numerous roles starting from the ground level and climbing to QLD Service Delivery Manager, and she understands the need for great customer service –something which she believes has deteriorated over the years due to mobile phones and the impersonal and faceless nature of the Internet.

Karen and I are committed to bringing back the importance of communicating and building a partnership based on great customer service with great spas and related products.

As for me, I also understand the need for personal service, guidance and after-sales support now more than ever, especially when it comes to spas. Over the years, I have educated myself extensively in the fields of Health and Safety and have achieved a Certificate IV and Diploma which I am extremely proud of and that my customers highly value.

I’ve also trained people and businesses in Workplace Health and Safety, working with many organisations, especially in high-risk work environments.

Why Aussie Spas 2U Exists

Now, our passion transcends into the spa business that is Aussie Spas 2U. We help people and businesses avoid the confusion and costly mistakes before buying spas so they can experience improved health, relaxation and fun times in a safe environment using quality spas.

We’re proud to say that we’re an Australian family-owned business who are experts in perfectly satisfying our customers’ needs by advising, guiding and packaging the finest spas that suit each customers’ environment, budget and need.

Our revolutionary tried, tested and proven method identifies and creates the ideal solution at the lowest possible price, never wasting your money on needless overheads and salespeople that offer comes with buying from a shop or large company.

When Karen and I Are Not At Aussie Spas 2U

Karen and I love our sports, and some might say we’re fanatics! Over the years, I’ve played in and represented my region in outdoor and indoor cricket and also basketball. Karen is also a mad tennis player, and always up for a hit!

We’ve also taken up golf together, so we play together socially and competitively, and we’re both members of the AFL team Hawthorn and are keen followers of Rugby League, Rugby Union and soccer.

Most importantly, we love relaxing, recovering and unwinding in our spa together after 18 rounds of golf, traveling, watching movies, and candlelit dinners at every chance we get. So you know that when we tell you that our customers love our spas – we really know what they mean!

With gratitude,

Tony & Karen Austin
Aussie Spas 2U