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Benefits & Advantages With Aussie Spas 2U

Finding a quality retail and wholesale spa supplier in Australia on a budget takes a lot of time, energy and commitment.

Why do we say that?

Well, you only have to look online to see how many spa suppliers there are. However, a lot of those spas online are not made to Australian Standards, and have a lot of bells & whistles but are nothing more than a cheap bathtub with a few jets.

So deciding which spa is right for you and which supplier that you feel comfortable with and who can also provide you with the service and spa or spas you want for your home, development, resort or health retreat, gym or similar service or business isn’t easy.

That is why homeowners, commercial and retail spa related services, developers, resorts and many others use Aussie Spas 2U.

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We’ll help you reduce your stress levels and enjoy your downtime while entertaining family and friends by creating your dream spa at the lowest possible price, cutting out the middleman and supplying spas direct from our factory to you.

Plus, whether your spa is for your home or a commercial purpose, our spas add value to your property, general well-being and lifestyle.


Other benefits you can count on with Aussie Spas 2U are:

    • 25 years of experience You’re buying your spa direct from a family-run factory with over 25 years of experience in spa design, manufacture and supply.Each spa is tested ensuring strict quality control. Every Aussie Spas 2U spa MUST twice score 100% on a 30-point hot water check list before being tested by our quality control team who scrutinise the finished product for a third time. It is only then dried – polished – detailed – padded – packed and labelled for delivery.


    • Aid In Recovery & More We sell spas coupled with expert advice because we understand the immense health benefits they can give you. Whether you play sport, want a detox or need help with pain relief, our spas aid not only in the physical recovery process but in the recovery of your mind and soul so you’re always in a good state.


    • Energy efficiency, reliability and durability These are crucial factors that save you money and separate our spas from others you’ll find on the market. Our switchless motor technology delivers you with the most energy-efficient, cost effective spa on the market today that is quiet and has the lowest electricity consumption in the industry, so you have a crystal clear spa with the highest level of safety that is ready to use any time you want!


    • 99% Maintenance Free Every Aussie Spa comes standard with a high-output Ozone purification system that continually injects millions of tiny, highly concentrated ozone bubbles into the water, neutralising contaminants on contact. Using a discharge cell, it requires virtually no maintenance. The Ozone purification system utilizes an ultra-violet light to get rid of bacteria and other organic materials from the water to enhance ergonomic, detox and health benefits. In addition, our spas have exclusive bio-clean filters, utilising the special agent ‘microban’, which protects your spa water from pathogens and bio-matter that can build up. This gives you a better cleaning capacity and a longer life for your spa.The benefit of ozone purification is that every time you’re in your spa you’ll have the invigorating sensation of millions of bubbles continually detoxing your skin.


    • 15-Year Warranty Aussie Spas 2U products come with some of the best warranties you’ll ever find. With a 5-year structural warranty, 3-year surface warranty, and 2-year warranty on equipment and plumbing, cabinet and components, you can be confident in your decision buying a spa from Aussie Spas 2U.


    • Enjoy warm, clean spa water with balanced spa filtration: Our totally automatic filtration system means there is no noise, wear and tear or energy drain, and no need to program long cleaning and heating cycles. Your spa will operate silently and efficiently and will always be warm, clean and ready to enjoy.


    • No painting or staining exclusive to Aussie Spas 2U is our Ironwood cabinetry. This is a hard-wearing UV resistant synthetic material that you’ll never need to paint or stain. It’s looks like real wood and is an easy clean with just some water. Presently you can choose from 3 exquisite colour finishes that are hand crafted and perfectly aligned so the finish on your spa is both beautiful and practical.


    • Strong 3-layer spa shell construction Our spas have the ultimate shell reinforcement. This is the most advanced computer controlled with vacuum-forming machinery moulds the finest acrylic to 2 specially formulated vinyl ester resin coatings to the underside of spa shell for added strength. Aussie Spas 2U 3-layer shell construction makes our spa shells some of the strongest in the industry.


  • Australian certified spas – Every spa we make is made to Australian Standards, AS code is GMA – 502665 – EA

Other benefits you can experience with Aussie Spas 2U are:


    • Huge range of sizes available from a standard 2-person spa, to the 6-seater luxury spa (ask us about up to 10-seaters), or huge Phar Lap swim spa to keep you fit. All Aussie Spas 2U come in a variety of colour options for the shell, cabinet and cover, so you can find the perfect spa for your space.


    • Environmentally and eco-system friendly.


    • Ergonomically designed pillows adapted to your cervical vertebrae.


    • 7-layer thermo-lock system This combines acrylic, resin, fibreglass, polyester foaming, aluminium reflection foil, and cabinet material to maximise insulation effect.


    • You can purchase one spa from us for your home or for wholesale if you want quantity, which businesses and homeowners love!


  • We can deliver your spa to you anywhere in Australia or to one or more locations if you sell spas retail or use them in your resorts or developments across Australia.