Aussie Spas 2u FAQs

Q. Does the product meet Australian Standards?
A. Absolutely. All our products are made to Australian Standards AS code is GMA – 502665 – EA and are sampled and tested for quality in each production run.
Q. What sizes and colours do Aussie Spas 2U spas and swim spas come in?
A. We have a variety of sizes available, from your standard 2-person spa, all the way up to 6 mtr swim spas. All spas come in a variety of colour options for the shell, cabinet and cover, so you can find the perfect spa for your space.
Q. How do I know I’m getting the best quality spa?
A. Amongst many other reasons why you are getting the best quality at Aussie Spas 2U, each production run is tested, ensuring strict quality control. Every product MUST twice score 100% on a 30-point hot water check list before being tested by our quality control team who scrutinise the finished product for a third time. It is only then dried – polished – detailed – padded – packed and labelled for delivery.
Q. What special feature is your favourite?
A. We use USA Balboa control systems and USA Aristech acrylic, which are world leaders in the industry.
Q. What warranties do your spas have?
A. Unlike other spa suppliers with little or no warranties, we have excellent warranties on our spas.These include:

  • 15-year structural warranty
  • 5-year surface warranty
  • And a 2-year warranty on equipment and plumbing, cabinet and components. So as you can see, you can be confident in your decision when you buy a spa from Aussie Spas 2U.
Q. Can I customise my spa and order?
A. Yes, of course. Every order is manufactured especially for you, so not only will you choose which model you want, but the custom options to go with it.
Q. What types of custom options can my spa have?
A. Well, it varies, but some of the custom options you can have are choosing from 6 cabinet colours, 8 different spa cover colours and 9 shell colour options.
Q. Do I need a pool fence?
A. Yes, a pool fence is required as it is classified as a pool. For further assistance please give us a call to make sure you meet legal requirements.
Q. Does my spa need to be hardwired in?
A. All spas need to have their own circuit on the power-board, so an electrician will be required.
Q. What’s the difference between retail and wholesale pricing on your spas?
A.Retail – We serve and supply homeowners with just one spa or swim spa, who pay what we call retail. You still save time, energy and money because you’re cutting out the middleman costs and buying a quality spa direct from us.

Wholesale – We also supply spas in larger quantities to businesses in pool and spa building or retail and businesses in construction, hospitality and health related business such as gyms, health resorts and day spas.

These businesses save more and pay wholesale prices subject to the number of spas they require or order

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