intense spa


Dimensions: 2300 x 2300 x 920

If you are after an intense massage in all the right places then this spa is for you.

Its great for the legs and best of all no sharing the lounge as there are two. If you have neck and shoulder pain than the over the shoulder jets are best. Extra leg room for those who are taller. 

World Class Features

Never Compromise

2 x 3hp pumps

circulation pump 0.35hp

air blower

3 seats & 2 lounges

61 massage jets

10 air jets

Thermo heavy duty hardcover

3 headrests       water feature

advanced oxidation process (ozone & UV)

Dry Weight 390kg

Big LED light plus water-line LED lights

Aluminium & PEF insulation (skirt & bottom base)

PS Wood Maintenance free Cabinet & Matching steps

US Balboa Control system (TP Series) 


High density spa foam insulation

Stainless Steel Support Frame,

Aristech Acrylic Shell with Thermo bonding reinforcement.

No Bypass Filtration System

Average water volume 1540litres

32 amp hardwired


intense spa
intense spa
intense spa
Real people at outdoors spa in tub
intense spa
intense spa

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5 Must-Haves When Buying a Spa

Hard to go past these guys, as they do everything for you. After sales service I thought was a thing of the past but these guys have the old fashion service which I love.

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