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What Types Of Customers Choose Aussie Spas 2U?

Aussie Spas 2 U takes all the time, effort and confusion out of finding spas for homeowners and commercial and hospitality business, so everyone receives the perfect spa for the right purpose on the right budget.

Some of the businesses and people who buy spas from Aussie Spas 2U are:

  • Spa and Pool Shops

    Why? Because they can buy in bulk at wholesale prices, which saves them their cash flow. They love being able to order and buy a special ‘one off’ spa for that special customer if they need to and that with our experience we can customise the spas they order with anything they desire

Who We Serve
  • Homeowners

    Why? Well, for many an Aussie homeowner buying the spa of their dream has turned into a nightmare. Many people get tired of looking for the spa they need, are tired of paying extra for sales rep or the middleman costs, and are frustrated with the lack of personal service.

    Homeowners come to Aussie Spas 2U because our spas are some of the best on the market, homeowners save time, money and energy buying a spa direct from us and they love the free advice, service and after-sales support.

  • Developers and Builders

    Why? Because they value the quality of our spas, which they say is superior to most other spas on the market. They can buy in bulk and save time, money and energy and they get peace of mind knowing we deliver their spas to them to one or more developments anywhere in Australia.

  • Landscapers

    Why? One of the things that separate an average business from a great business is their ability to offer more services to more people. When landscapers are designing or doing a landscape makeover, being able to supply their clients with a spa using a service they know and trust adds value to their business, the overall cost of the project and makes their clients’ lives easier, as they do not have to do all the legwork!

  • Architects

    Why? Architects come to us for spas so they can provide their clients with the best spa possible when it comes to value for money, quality and service. They also appreciate the fact that we can supply them with one or more spas that add value to their project and their clients’ lives, lifestyle, development or home.

  • Hotels and Resorts

    Stay at almost any resort or hotel and most will have one or more spas. The challenge hotels and resorts face is finding the right type of spas to accommodate their guests within their budget.

    Hotels and resorts use Aussie Spas 2U for the simple reason we can either make what they need or supply what they need in bulk or as “one –off.” They also love the quality and being able to call on our experience and advice before buying spas so they make the right choice of spa every time!

Other businesses and people who choose Aussie Spas 2U are:

  • Gyms, day spas and health resorts
  • Spa repair services
  • Swimming schools
  • Body corporate and apartment or unit managers
  • Pool builders
  • Property investors who want to increase the value of their property
  • And countless others