The Torpedo has features that suit both swimming and relaxing. Great for the small backyard as it is only 4 metres long. The lounge is a bonus and their are two other seats as well, plus plenty of room for swimming and aerobic workouts. Click here.


Our most popular swim spa. Accommodates any family and at 4400mm long and 1500mm deep suits everyone. Two great spa seats to relax and unwind in while you watch the others swim or exercise. Great for aerobics plus steps for easy access. Click here.


Love the shape of Waves. Looking for something a bit different but still having all the World Class features than Waves has it all. Four great seats with heaps of room for swimming and exercising. Click here


Big is beautiful with lots of room for everyone. Sit and relax while you watch the kids swimming or just playing. The best of both worlds in the Swim Stream. Acquire extra equipment for rowing or harness work, or just swim against the current. Side handrails for those wanting to do leg work. Click here. 



For those with a small backyard but looking to do aerobic workouts, swimming or just floating around then the plunge pool range is great. At 4500mm long and 1540 deep and come in two different step formats. You can have no swim jets or up to 4 river jets, your choice. Great for the whole family. Click here.


Looking for a swim spa with extra length and has all the World Class features you expect. At 5500mm there is room for even more. Enjoy floating around or swimming at your own pace. You will be the envy of all your neighbours. Choose your step format and how many river jets you want. It is nice to have a choice. Click here. 


When space is no issue and you want a deep pool as well then Triathlete is the way to go. At 5900mm long and 1540mm deep your whole neighbourhood will be around. With easy access steps and river jets of your choice or none if you prefer, its up to you. Click here.